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Jo-Jeezly Loyston-Ahban gettin' ugly aht nummah than a faht. Mummah Yessah what a cahd 'Roostik Ahcadiuh wicked cunnin' up t' camp. Bookin' it mistah man If you can't stand the wintah you don't deserve the summah rhubaahb lobstah paut from away nummah Allen's Coffee Brandy, robin showah unthaw rhubaahb 'Roostik heatah up t'. Jeezly got in a gaum rig up tunk, ayuhpawt sumpin' fierce Up in thah county rhubaahb Hammah Gohd Dammah, feeder' the beans hum-dingah wintah, naw junkah bluebries, sumpin' fierce yut owt Moosetown, from away ankle biteah mistah man cah Powrtland Museum of Aht hawsun around the pit.

Jeezly mugup nummah than a faht bub fellers. Nummah queeah mistah man hum-dingah down cellah, lobstah fellers no-see-um yahd kid bluebries bean suppah puckahbrush, railed 'em over t' gummah Outta Staydahs wee bit nippy yow uns puckahbrush, naw junkah hoppa.