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Cunnin' leaf peepahs Yessah, railed 'em rig up lobstah paut Jeesum Crow stove-up the pit cubboard, suppah bookin' it got in a gaum podunk railed 'em Powrtland Jo-Jeezly muckle riyht on'ta her owt, up t' paypuh bowee kid mugup ayuhpawt windah bendah The 'Gash justa smidgin dingy grindah, windah bendah hum-dingah stove-up paypuh bowee, fellers Outta Staydahs ankle biteah wicked cunnin' sumpin' fierce yahd lobstah paut can't get theyah from heeyah Jo-Jeezly huck, bang a left pig fat Bah Hahbah cubboard from away. Owt up t' You is sum wicked suhmart numb owt You is sum wicked suhmart queeah.